It’s ‘NOT’ All About The Bike

  1. Comfort
  2. Power Transfer
  3. Injury Prevention


Time in the cycle trade gave me mechanical skills. 7 years of being a cyclist has given me a sharp eye that can spot subtle differences in riding style. Finally, continuing to develop as a Sports Therapist means I can assess individuals and make informed decisions in their best interest, decisions that will help them to avoid injury, maximise power transfer and optimise comfort.

I have long wanted to call myself a Professional Bikefitter and finally the time has come to use my skills and expertise to offer a full Bikefit Package and aid each and every cyclist of any ability or discipline to reach their goals and full potential.


I have seen traditional bike fits first hand. You’ll get on the bike pedal away for 30 seconds at a leisurely pace and a mechanic will alter your position so that you look ‘about right’. Those with an identical anatomy to Fausto Coppi will be just fine in this position but lets be honest, not many of us are blessed quite like this.

Without a comprehensive assessment of anatomy and biomechanics and consideration of goals the individual might have, a bikefit cannot be personalised.

By assessing each individual informed decisions can be made on the following:

  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle Tilt
  • Saddle Set Back
  • Reach
  • Bar Height
  • Foot Pedal Interface


Research has demonstrated that position on the bike can impact greatly on Comfort, Injury and Performance. By performance I don’t just mean straight line speed. Alterations can be made to improve traction, vision and manoeuvrability, important to Mountain Biking or increase climbing power output and comfort for a particularly hilly road sportive.

I could babble on for pages and pages here but it all comes down to just 3 main points:

  1. Comfort
  2. Power Transfer
  3. Injury Prevention


I am taking booking for Professional Bikefits at Padiham Cycle Repairs now.

The package includes:ahsppadihamcyclerepair

  • Consultation
  • Muscloskeletal Assessment
  • Personalised Rehabilitation
  • Scientific Bikefit



Aidan Holgate BSc (Hons)
Sports Therapist and Bikefitter



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