Here Comes The Sun

The forecast for this week looks almost like that red hot summer we’ve been promised for the last 10 years is on its way. While its nice to get active under glorious sunshine we need to ensure our bodies are protected and looked after.

There are two obvious factors you need to consider when its warm outside and those are skin protection and hydration.

I’m that guy who turns a nice salmon colour on the first day on holiday but after spending 2 weeks in Mallorca this spring I think I may have finally uncovered my secret weapon. I’ve resorted to taking a small tube of sun cream out with me… revolutionary, I know,  but even P20 sun cream that claims to last all day won’t keep the UV rays from penetrating after a few hours of sweaty work.

Note – I do use P20 as I have found it lasts longer than most.


Onto hydration. You don’t need any background in physiology to know that when its warm we sweat more and it probably wont come as a surprise that we lose more than just water in our sweat. Electrolyte balance is key to sporting performance in warm conditions and therefore I’d strongly advise adding something to your water bottle. I have recently begun using the Secret Training range, Stealth. Secret Training is a local business turning heads throughout the sporting world and you will find it available in most local cycling shops. The Super Hydration mixes are available in a range of flavours which not only taste great but also have the science to back them up. Included in the stealth range are also energy drink mixes, gels and NEW juice bars which are a must try. I however really like the Training Mix which has been developed to support fat burning during those longer rides.

Secret-Training - 1.jpg

So, what else can we say about getting active in the sun?

What you wear has to be one of the key factors to enjoying the sun. I could write a whole article on tan lines and whats right and wrong there but I won’t go into that. Wearing something that is obviously cool (both meanings of that word) is important but this is UK weather we are talking about so don’t be caught out! It can be cool in the mornings and usually rain is never far away so make sure yo have something at your disposal to at least take the wind chill off your skin.


Enjoy it! We all know its not going to last very long so get out and have some fun, come back and have a BBQ!


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